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5 Reasons To Choose Real Diamonds Over Synthetic Stones

5 Reasons To Choose Real Diamonds Over Synthetic Stones

Getting married is an exceptionally exciting time in your life. You’ve finally found the love you’ve been dreaming of, and now it’s time to commit to spending the rest of your life together.


Are you going to do it with a rare and beautiful diamond, or are you going to choose a mass-produced synthetic stone?


Real diamonds and synthetic stones are created by vastly different processes, but there are many more differences between them as well. Keep reading to learn our top five reasons why you should always choose real diamonds over synthetic stones for your jewelry!

A Brief History of Synthetic Diamonds

First, let’s dive into the history of synthetic stones, which were created by General Electric in 1955. The stones were made under high pressure and high heat in the GE lab in New York, simulating how diamonds were made billions of years ago under the earth. The first synthetic diamonds were incredibly small, though, and mostly used for industrial purposes rather than jewelry.


As techniques improved, the costs of creating synthetic stones went down and the size and production of stones went up. Now, Reuters reports that “The lab-grown diamond jewelry market was worth $1.9 billion this year [2018] and is forecast to grow 22 percent annually to $5.2 billion by 2023 and $14.9 billion by 2035...” Synthetic stones are becoming more common in the diamond jewelry market, so it’s essential to learn the differences between real diamonds and their fake counterparts so you can make an informed choice between the two.

5 Reasons To Choose Real Diamonds Over Synthetic Stones

Although synthetic stones have been on the market for more than 60 years, the popularity of real, rare diamonds hasn’t wavered and these five reasons clearly explain why!

1. Real Love Should Be Celebrated With a Real Diamond

The number one reason to choose real diamonds over synthetic stones for your jewelry is that engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings are the ultimate symbol of your love. The circle symbolizes your commitment to spend forever together because your relationship is so strong.


Why would you use a fake diamond to celebrate real love? Asking someone to marry you is a truly vulnerable moment, a display of your most authentic self, and you should gift an authentic diamond to symbolize it.

2. Real Diamonds Have Real History

The historical differences between real diamonds and synthetic diamonds are staggering. Indiana Public Media explains that “Many [diamonds] have been found that are three-point-three billion years old. And the young ones are a mere one billion years old.”


When you buy a diamond ring, the stone on your finger is at least a billion years old. It was also formed at great depths (around 120 miles below the surface of the earth) by amazing temperatures (over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit).


Contrast these spectacular pieces of history with synthetic diamonds, which are made in a lab over the course of a few weeks, and you’ll see there’s no comparison. Choose real diamonds over synthetic stones because one is simply much more special than the other.

3. Fake Diamonds Lose Value, Real Diamonds Don’t

Another reason to choose real diamonds over synthetic stones is because of the price tag.


On the Real is a Diamond website, industry expert Rick Beckett explains how the value of fake diamonds change: “Synthetics will dramatically lose their value over time. It’s not like synthetics are new. We can look at the history of synthetic rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. They have gone way down in price over time (due to increased production), and they hold very little value.”


If you dream of handing your ring down to your children and grandchildren and creating a family heirloom, real diamonds are the only option. Additionally, this loss in value can also offset perceived savings when you choose a synthetic diamond over a real one.


For example, the Cape Town Diamond Museum reports that “Depending on the size, colour and clarity; a lab-grown diamond can be up to 20-40% less expensive than a natural diamond.” But if that diamond continues to lose value over the years while a real one gains value, a real diamond is a much better investment.

4. Fake Diamonds May Not Be As Eco-Friendly as They Claim

One of the biggest selling points of synthetic diamonds is that they’re more eco-friendly than real diamonds… but how true are those claims?


Gem Gossip takes a more realistic look at the industry. “Synthetic diamonds are superheated to 1,600 degrees, requiring massive amounts of energy – in parts of the world where energy is often scarce.” The author continues to explain that while the environmental claims of the synthetic diamond industry haven’t been proven yet, the real diamond industry continues to clearly report their own improvement in the field over the last two decades.


If being eco-friendly is your driving reason to choose a fake diamond over a real one, make sure to research the topic thoroughly because the differences between the two industries may not be quite as clear cut as they look at first glance. 

5. Fake Diamonds Send The Wrong Message

It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. Synthetic diamonds are nearly identical to real ones but still make up only 2% of the diamond jewelry market. Why? People choose real diamonds over synthetic stones because of our innate desire for authenticity.


Nautilus Magazine explores the phenomenon more in-depth and comes to a not-so-surprising conclusion about human nature: “We reject the fake smile, the insincere action; we disdain artifice and pretense. It’s entirely to be expected, then, that the policing of fakery is socially constructed. What matters is not so much how the object is constituted, what chemistry created it, what imperfections it has. What matters is what it says about us.” Simply put, wearing fake diamonds makes us feel fake ourselves, and for that reason, real diamonds will always come out ahead.

How can you ensure your diamond is real?

It’s clear that real, rare diamonds are superior to their fake counterparts. But, even after you choose real diamonds over synthetic stones, how can you ensure that the diamond isn’t man-made? Often it’s impossible to see the difference between the two diamonds with a naked eye, so there are additional steps you need to take to ensure its authenticity.

1. Check the Labels

The easiest way to determine if a diamond is real or synthetic is by checking the label and asking the right questions. The American Gem Society Laboratories explains that FTC guidelines require all synthetic diamonds to be clearly labeled. Look for terms like “synthetic,” “laboratory-grown,” or “laboratory-created” before you make a purchase.

2. Get a Certificate of Authenticity

Buying a certified diamond is the best way to be sure of its value. A certification from the Gemological Institute of America will document the four C’s of the diamond - the cut, the color, the clarity, and the carat size. It will also report any treatments that the diamond has undergone. All diamonds can be graded and certified, so take care to buy from a jeweler who’s willing to back up their diamonds, and their reputation, with a GIA certification of authenticity.

3. Be Aware When The Price Is Too Good to Be True

In a recent Forbes article, famed jeweler Igal Dhan shared some classic advice for avoiding fake jewelry: “Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” The best way to ensure you’re getting a real, high-quality diamond is to be an informed consumer. Research diamond prices and understand diamond grades before you make a purchase!

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