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Why choose Davidson Jewels?

When searching for the perfect engagement rings in Calgary, there's no better choice than Davidson Jewels. We've made a name for ourselves with our stunning array of custom, handcrafted rings, each embodying the essence of timeless elegance.

Experience the Davidson Jewels Difference

We provide you with an unrivaled selection of diamond cuts and quality metals, ensuring every piece we craft aligns perfectly with your personal style. From the traditional round brilliant cut to the regal princess cut, or a ring crafted from luxurious 14k / 18K gold or platinum, our expert team in our Calgary gallery will guide you in creating your perfect ring.

Calgary’s Trusted Source for Engagement Rings

Our promise to you is transparency and trust. All our diamonds are backed by GIA-certified diamond reports to give you peace of mind in the quality and authenticity of your ring. Your trust in our engagement rings and diamond jewellery is of utmost importance to us.

Creating Lifetime Memories 

Each  ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it's a representation of love, commitment, and a promise of a shared future. When you choose Davidson Jewels for your engagement ring, you're not just buying a ring; you're creating a lifetime memory.

Come and see us at Davidson Jewels. We're ready to make your dream engagement ring a reality. Embrace the moment with the perfect symbol of your love.


How much should an engagement ring weigh in carats?

Thinking about the perfect carat size for your engagement ring? It really depends on what feels right for you and your budget. At Davidson Jewels, we have a lovely variety—from delicate one-carat solitaires to striking two-carat beauties. 

What is the recommended budget for an engagement ring?

Finding the right engagement ring is all about what feels comfortable for your wallet and your heart. At Davidson Jewels, we're here to help you discover that stunning ring that says 'yes' to your budget and your dreams, whether you're searching for something simple or more elaborate.

What considerations are crucial when buying an engagement ring?

When you shop at Davidson Jewels, knowing the 4Cs—color, cut, clarity, and carat—is key. Think about the style and daily activities of the lucky person who’ll wear it. From a classic round to a playful pink cushion, our selection is designed to suit all tastes and lifestyles. Tips for choosing the perfect diamond for an engagement ring

What differentiates an engagement ring from a wedding ring?

What is the difference? An engagement ring is usually given during the proposal, featuring more intricate designs, while a wedding ring is exchanged at the ceremony and tends to be simpler. We have a variety of both at Davidson Jewels, whether you prefer a matching pavé set or a trendy lab-grown diamond.

What are the popular diamond shapes for engagement rings?

We showcase everything from timeless round cuts to chic fancy shapes like princess and emerald at Davidson Jewels. Each shape brings its own flair, but it’s all about what catches your eye and makes your heart skip a beat.

Which metals are best for engagement rings?

Platinum, yellow, and white gold are top picks for their durability and sleek look, but don’t overlook rose gold; which offers a classic charm that’s hard to resist. Check out our range to find the perfect match for your style.

Can you explain the 4Cs?

At Davidson Jewels, the 4Cs define how we look at diamonds—color, cut, clarity, and carat. Understanding these will guide you to a diamond that sparkles just right, fitting your vision and budget beautifully.

How can I find the correct ring size?

Want to make sure your engagement ring is a perfect fit? We’ve got some handy tips and tools on our website to measure at home. Plus, feel free to request a complimentary ring sizer—we’d love to send one your way!

How do I match an engagement ring to my partner’s style?

Think about what kind of jewelry your partner loves or maybe chat with their friends or family for insights. At Davidson Jewels, our range spans from timeless classics to contemporary designs, ensuring you find a ring that’s as unique as they are.

What engagement ring styles are trending?

Currently, we’re loving the elegance of solitaires, the glamour of halo settings, and the innovation of two-stone rings and hidden halos. And yes, lab-created diamonds are having a moment too—gorgeous and eco-friendly!

How much does the average engagement ring cost?

There's really no one-size-fits-all answer here. Whatever your budget, Davidson Jewels has a variety of options to explore. Take a look at our best-sellers for some popular choices among our customers.

Who typically wears an engagement ring?

Traditionally, it’s the person who gets proposed to, but nowadays, anyone might wear one. We celebrate love in all its forms with a diverse array of rings to suit anyone’s taste and lifestyle.

Where should I hide the engagement ring before proposing?

Planning a surprise? Pick a spot where it won’t be found—think a seldom-used drawer or maybe even a safety deposit box. We at Davidson Jewels also have some creative ideas up our sleeve, so the big moment stays a delightful surprise.