Get To Know Davidson Jewels

Ian Davidson at Davidson Jewels

Get to Know Ian Davidson

LL: Good morning, Ian. It's great to have you here with us today.

Ian Davidson: Good morning. Thank you for having me.

LL: You have been creating custom engagement rings and wedding bands for over five decades. How did you get started in the world of jewelry design?

Ian Davidson: Yes, of course. My jewelry design journey started in 1969 when I was studying to become a painter. However, after creating my first ring, I knew that jewelry would always be a significant part of my life. I was captivated by the beauty and timeless elegance of the pieces I created, and I knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

LL: You've honed your skills and perfected your craft over the years. What is your process for creating a piece of jewelry?

Ian Davidson: Absolutely. When I work with a client, I take the time to understand their style and preferences. I work collaboratively with them to create a piece of jewelry that truly expresses their individuality. I see myself as both an artist and a technician, always striving to create finished pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. I take great pride in my attention to detail and my commitment to my craft, which sets my work apart.

LL: You have a reputation as one of Calgary's most sought-after jewelry designers. What do you believe sets your work apart from others in the industry?

Ian Davidson: I am committed to creating truly unique and meaningful pieces. I don't just make jewelry; I create art. The pieces I create should be as special and unique as the person wearing them, and I work hard to ensure that each piece I create is a true expression of my artistic vision.

LL: That's incredible. What do you see as the future of the jewelry design industry, and where do you see yourself in that future?

Ian Davidson: The jewelry design industry is constantly evolving, and there will always be a place for truly unique and meaningful pieces. I see myself continuing to create beautiful and timeless pieces that will be cherished for generations to come. I feel so grateful to be doing what I love every day, and I look forward to continuing to inspire and delight my clients with my work.

LL: Well, it's been a pleasure speaking with you today, Ian. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

Ian Davidson: Thank you, it's been a pleasure.