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Diamonds Are An April Baby's Best Friend!

Diamond is widely recognized as the perfect anniversary gift for one's 60th year (or any!), and is also the birthstone for April babies.

Diamond has been enchanting millions of people for centuries. During the Middle Ages, diamond was believed to carry several healing properties. It is said to cure brain and stomach related illnesses. As an amulet, diamond was thought to protect its wearer from poison and all forms of diseases and was commonly suggested to be worn while asleep.

Diamonds are usually thought of as being colorless, but they may occur in nearly any color in the rainbow, as well as pink, brown, gray, and black. They may be transparent, translucent or opaque in form.

The value of a diamond is assessed using four standard parameters also known as the 4c's of the Diamond: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. These represent the shade of transparency of the diamond, how the stone was cut down from the larger mineral if there are any flaws or marks within the stone, and the weight of the piece.

Diamond is extremely durable and considered as the hardest naturally occurring mineral known to man. With a Mohs scale rating of 10, it is strongly favored gem that can be featured in all types of jewelry settings. 

Jewelry with diamonds alone, or used to accent or compliment another precious or semi-precious stones are quite popular. They'll be found in anything from an ostentatious fashion piece or simple stud earrings.

A gift of diamond jewelry can be cherished for a lifetime. Treating your loved ones with this dazzling gem is a great way of showing your affection and enduring love. 

Most of the world's diamonds are sourced in South Africa, Russia, Australia, and Brazil.

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