Jewelry Myths & Legends

Here are some fascinating myths and legends that may inspire you as you peruse your next jewelry selection:

Rumor has it that those who like white or clear colored stones prefer to be straight-forward and no-nonsense. These self-sufficient and assured people tend to love diamonds, white topaz, white sapphires, moonstones, opals, and pearls.

Ancient Romans would put Pearls in their drinks because they believed them to be aphrodisiacs and would facilitate passion.

Opal, by legend, were created when the gods threw lightning bolts, trapping them bolts in the ground and becoming stone. 

Diamonds were totems against evil, illness, thieves, dangerous animals, and poison.

Pink colored stones, like sapphires, pink diamonds, morganite, tourmaline, pink spinel, pink mystic topaz, and rhodolite garnet are sensuous and romantic, encouraging sensitivity and the assurance to be bold, talented, gentle, dynamic, and outgoing.

Red colored stones such as red spinel, garnet, and ruby encourage a well-informed zest for life. These stones are prized by those who find themselves competitive, daring, and very energetic. Rubies additionally were used to protect their wearer from misfortune and represent reconciliation. 

Green stones, like emerald, bloodstone, jade, tourmaline, peridot, and chrysoprase are beloved by social and well-adjusted, kind-hearted and generous partners who honor loyalty and seek balance. Emeralds were thought to have great power, and used in powdered form to aide against epilepsy, stop bleeding, cure dysentery, fever, and avert panic. Emerald also is a symbol of precognition.

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