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July's Birthstone is the Fiery Red Ruby

Buying the perfect gift for a loved one can be pure torture. It can sometimes be incredibly confusing to decide what to give them. Depending on the occasion, jewelry is always a gift that will fit the bill. However, it's important to realize and understand that not all pieces are created equal. Adding a bit of individuality and meaning to the jewelry will make it stand out, and make the person receiving it touched and honored that such a special piece was given to them. Giving someone a piece of jewelry with their very own birthstone included is definitely a perfect type of gift. Included below are some facts about the ruby birthstone, which is the gem associated with those born in July.

While most people are aware that rubies tend to be a red color, not everyone is aware that they can differ from a deep, almost blood red color to even a light pink color that is very subtle. Although the color of the ruby ranges throughout the red hue, the most popular and desirable color is termed "pigeon's blood", which is a pure red with a slight tinge of violet or blue. Rubies are found all over the world, in parts of Asia, Africa, Australia and the US. As is the case with all gems, there are certain qualities and features that differentiate the stones. For rubies, the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is color, because of the many variations of color this is the first thing that should be decided upon. Next is the clarity of the gem, and lastly the size.

Rubies are more often than not; incredibly flawed when they are used in certain pieces of jewelry, as most of the gems found have some sort of imperfection. Because of this, rubies without flaws are exceedingly rare. As such, they are listed at a much higher price point than diamonds. Rubies signify many different attributes and hold a specific significance for those who own and wear the gem. According to ancient times, they are a symbol for happiness, loyalty and courage.

If you are in the market to buy a stunning, and unique piece for someone wonderful in your life, come into our store and we'd be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect piece. While the birthstone for July is ruby, we also have all other birthstones in various pieces and a wide selection for you to choose from. You'll definitely find something that you know the person will like and thus, give the right gift.

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