More Jewelry Myths & Legends: Gemstone Colors

Here are some fascinating myths and legends that may inspire you as you peruse your next jewelry selection:

Turquoise, blue topaz, blue zircon, and other teal colored stones represent a wearer both sophisticated and down to earth.

Sailors would have aquamarine with them on trips across the sea, with the hope that Poseidon would spare the ship, and prevent them from drowning should they fall in. 

In Hindu and Persian culture, it is believed that one who observes the reflection of the moon in turquoise will be granted luck, wealth, and protection from evil.

Purple lovers who wear amethyst, tanzanite, purple sapphire, and lavender chalcedony are creative and in tune with their spirituality. Amethyst is also an amulet for good luck, and constancy. Also, a totem of sobriety, as the amethyst appear to be "stained" by the wine of Bacchus, in olden days, it was a symbol of avoiding intoxication, and the inevitable hangover.

Those who enjoy smoky quartz, tiger's eye, and champagne diffused topaz, in the brown colored stone family have a simple elegance and treasure comfort and harmony in their lives.

Yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires, topaz, and citrine are symbolic of a wearer with inquiring minds. During the Middle Ages, topaz was used to ward off sadness, bring wisdom, and bestow courage. It was even used to relieve insomnia.

Blue stones like sapphire, lapis, aquamarine, and certain types of topaz represent loyalty and communicate a sense of trust and stability. They are dependable and confident, and were in the past, worn by those protected by the wicked. Ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, which explained why the sky was a reflective blue.

Black stones like onyx, black spinel, black diamonds, and certain types of pearls provide an authority to the wearer and a sense of power and respect.

Orange colored stones like carnelian, topaz, citrine, and types of garnet, opal, and sapphires are representative of the adventurer and successful in business.

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