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Why choose platinum for your engagement ring






Why Choose Platinum for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is more than just a ring. It’s the first step in the future you’ve always dreamed of with the person you plan to love forever. When choosing an engagement ring, you want to pick the best piece that will age beautifully and represent your love for them. When you shop for the perfect ring, you should consider a platinum engagement ring. Platinum is a precious metal durable enough to last a lifetime's worth of love while maintaining a beautiful look and appearance.


Let’s look at why an engagement ring in platinum is the right choice for you.


Strength and Durability

It’s no secret that platinum is a tough metal valued for its longevity. It has the third highest density of all of the elements. Platinum is a significantly stronger metal than gold and can maintain its look and feel without thinning from everyday wear. Platinum is also the industry standard designed to keep your diamond in place and secure, so you never have to worry about a loose gem. A platinum engagement ring was designed to withstand a lifetime of usage and be passed down for generations to come.


Platinum can also handle extreme heat or cold and handle any stress. This metal is often used in more than just rings. You can find it in lab equipment, dentistry and electrical contracts. It's also a great material for platinum engagement men's rings. Since a men’s ring is traditionally an engagement ring platinum band, you can be sure that platinum is an excellent choice for any men’s ring.


Platinum's natural white colour will remain white forever.

The beauty of platinum rings is that the naturally elegant white colour comes naturally to this pristine metal, unlike gold which is coloured to get the same look and feel platinum already provides. One of the best parts about a platinum engagement ring is that the natural white will keep its same look for generations to come. If you are looking to take a more nontraditional route, you can rest assured knowing the pure white colour will enhance the overall look of your chosen coloured gemstone. Whether you have your mindset on platinum sapphire engagement rings or platinum ruby engagement rings, the vibrant colour of the gemstone will shine like no other next to the refined natural white colour of platinum.


Its pure white colour will make your diamonds look their best

Not only will your platinum engagement ring remain white forever, but it will also provide a classic, yet elegant finish to platinum rings with diamonds. When platinum ages, it turns into a colour called “patina.” Patina is a celebrated look and texture that allows your engagement ring to age more beautifully than a white gold engagement ring. Imagine the beauty your platinum engagement rings 1 carat will look paired with the bright, natural white colour that platinum provides. The metal alone can enhance the brightness of your rings with diamonds, bring out the shimmery beauty of the colourless stone, and enhance the visual look of the diamond colour.


Platinum is hypoallergenic

When platinum is in 90-95% of its pure form, it is considered a hypoallergenic metal. It is a great idea to have an engagement ring platinum band if you are prone to skin sensitivity. Hypoallergenic metals can provide you with the comfort of wearing your engagement ring all the time without having to worry about skin allergies, rashes, or allergic reactions. This is something to remember when considering platinum versus white gold engagement rings. White gold will often contain nickel, making it a non-hypoallergenic metal and it can cause significant skin irritation over time. If your significant other has any skin allergies, a platinum engagement ring may be the right choice for you.


Why are platinum rings more valuable than gold?

Platinum engagement rings are of a higher value because of the longevity they provide, the quality they are made, and the rarity of the metal. Platinum engagement rings are also more often created with a pure form of metal. You can usually find platinum rings between 90%-95% in their pure form, unlike gold, which is often mixed with other metals to get the right colour and look. Gold is known to be a soft metal and more susceptible to tarnishing or normal wear and tear. For example, it is said that 14-karat gold only has 58% gold in the entire jewelry composition. This mixed metal makes it more prone to allergic reactions and creates an overall weaker metal. Platinum is also a heavier metal with the benefits needed to withstand wear and tear and have a higher-quality look for a more extended period of time.


White gold vs platinum

You may be debating between white gold and a platinum engagement ring for several reasons. For starters, white gold may be a more affordable option for you and help you stay within your budget without breaking the bank. However, the benefits of a platinum engagement ring make this a priceless option for the one you love. Even though white gold is more affordable, you must consider replating costs or repairs. With platinum, you won’t have to worry about fixing your ring or taking it to the jeweller for fixing. You also don’t have to worry about the natural colour and look deteriorating over time. When you purchase a platinum engagement ring, you purchase more than just quality. You are investing your love and providing a ring that can be cherished for lifetimes.


You can’t go wrong with a timeless metal like platinum for your engagement ring. While you search for the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life, you can rest assured knowing that platinum is a choice you can’t go wrong with. The undeniable quality and its long-lasting beauty will make your engagement ring something to cherish for generations to come.

As you search for the perfect engagement ring, please look at our selection of unique and handcrafted choices for the perfect engagement rings. Many of our options come with the platinum set with the quality you can trust for the person you love.

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